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fruits and vegetables are antioxidant affluent. Go for orangey back carrots, apricots, cantaloupe, mango, papaya and oranges. Blueberries, blackberries, prunes, red grapes and eggplant influence ahead a blue/periwinkle hue to your plate. Add red to your diet furthermore cherries, tomoatoes and red pepper. The best antioxidant source of green vegetables are found in the dark green vegetables - spinach, kale, romaine lettuce, brusell sproats, broccoli. **Recommendation: As many vivid vegetables as you can, as soon as an utter minimum of five servings daily. Since vivid fruits are future in calories, influence ahead two to four servings daily to your diet.


Intellux Intellux
Avocados: In promoting brain health, avocados are on the subject of as powerful as blueberries . It is valid that the avocado is a fatty fruit, but it's a monounsaturated fat, which contributes to healthy blood flow. Healthy blood flow equates to a healthier brain. **Recommendation: This is marginal high calorie "Less is More" food. Just 1/4 to 1/2 of an avocado daily will do the trick. Intellux


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